Our Story

The Founding

Tim Oppelt, Founder of Wholesaling PPC, used to work as a digital marketer for Gannett, a $3 Billion dollar multimedia company. He left the company in 2015 to run his wholesaling business full-time (check it out here). He combined his knowledge of real estate and marketing to  generate 100% of his deals online. He is now implementing his systems in markets across the country to bring other investors the same success he has. 


Our Purpose Is To Help Others Achieve Freedom Of Their Time and Finances

Wholesaling PPC was started because investors needed a better way. A better way to generate a solid long-term ROI online. A better way to be part of a like-minded community that truly helps them grow as leaders in business and life. Having freedom allows you to reach for the best version of yourself and your life. We are here to help you get there. 

Our Values

  • Be Committed To Excellence

    "Excellence is a not a skill, but an attitude."

  • Always Be Growing

    "You must nourish to flourish."

  • Compassion First

    "Offer your hand, not your judgment."

  • Be Honest

    "If you want to be trusted, be honest."

  • Be Respectful

    "Always show respect."

  • Start With Gratitude

    "Gratitude cures all."

  • Have Fun

    "Enjoy the journey."

  • Be Financially Intelligent

    "If you don't control your money, your money will control you."

Meet The Team

We are here to help you achieve freedom of your finances and time.