Freedom is having the power to live your dream life.

Have freedom to take care of your life, business, and family, no matter the circumstance.

Join The Freedom Circle

These times are very restraining. Our employees are forced to stay home, take care of family, and work all the same. Our lifestyles have been upended. Companies are shutting their doors. Homeowners do not want to take action. Conditions are changing weekly.The future is uncertain. It's time for us to step up and lead our teams and customers through these significant times. 

  • Dedicated #Slack Channel

    Contribute your thoughts, connect with others in the circle, and solve new challenges in a distraction-free 24/7 access environment.  

  • Monthly Group Video Calls

    Facilitated discussions to encourage members to share their best tips and help you personally tackle your current business challanges. 

"No one succeeds alone. No one." - Gary Keller

  • Annual Live Events

    A "mastermind" type of event with a focus on fun and fostering long-term relationships. Collaborate to solve your challenges. Events will be virtual until there are appropriate travel restrictions lifted and COVID-19 is not a risk factor. 

  • Latest REI Insights

    Our team will share with the circle challenges we anticipate, brainstorming solutions, and current best practices to deal with rapidly-changing times. 

Meet The Freedom Circle 

Check out the leaders of our industry who are stepping up to take control of the future of their lives, businesses, and employees. Freedom means having the power to act without restraint. These uncertain times are asking us to the rise to the occassion. PPC is one of many tools these leaders are using today to get to the next level. 

Esian H. 
Kansas City MO


Josh S. 
Orlando FL

Tae C.
Knoxville TN

Vance C. 
Augusta GA

Vishesh S. 
Northern NJ


Andrew L. 
Columbia SC

Lisette L. 
Southern NJ

Jon C. 
PG County MD

Andrew W. 
Canton OH


Matt M. 
Myrtle Beach SC

Clint B. 
Omaha NE

Jim B. 
Indianapolis IN

Brad S. 
Wichita KS


Myles D.
Northern SC

Deniz M. 
Memphis TN

Michael F.
Louisville KY

Steve B.
Charleston SC


Tom K. 
Port St. Lucie FL

Brett M. 
Gainesville, FL

Ricky H. 
Charlotte NC

Delbert C.
OKC Area


Joe M. 
Chicagoland Area

Kevin R. 
Houston, TX

Shawn K. 
Delaware County, PA