What Other Investors Have To Say

“We really love Wholesaling PPC. Tim's a great guy. He's honest, hardworking, super affordable and most importantly the service works. It has worked for me and my students." 

Tom Krol

CEO Wholesaling Inc. 

“I would not hesitate to work with Tim, and I'm saying that as a guy who is investing thousands of dollars a month with him.. He is indispensable to the work that we do." 

Trevor Mauch

CEO Carrot.com

Trevor Mauch

Vance Courtney

SOS Home Offers

Clint Barlett

David Dodge

House Sold Easy

Matt McCourry

Andrew Lucas

Columbia Cash Home Buyers

Myles Daniel

M&T Restoration

Michelle Oppelt

Integrity Real Estate Solutions

Tom Krol


Before signing up with Tim & his staff at Wholesaling PPC, my business was missing an essential component for survival- LEADS! Now, we no longer have that issue and are experiencing a consistent flow of deals. Tim &  his staff are always available when we have questions and provide us with important statistical information, which helps us to understand the process & grow. Turns out Wholesaling PPC was the missing peace to our puzzle, and we look forward to continuing our success with them!

Bob Vieira

Vieira Development Group, LLC

I never tried PPC because it seemed too complicated and hard to keep track of. I like keeping things simple. Wholesaling PPC has done just that. They give me the numbers I need to know to help me understand what kind of return I'm getting on my investment with them. They make suggestions, and allow me to make informed decisions. The deals I've got with PPC leads have been some of the easiest to close.

Brad Simmons

We had hired a couple different PPC companies before hiring Wholesaling PPC. The results are staggering in that Wholesaling PPC procures more leads in a faster period of time with the same or lesser budget. Somehow they are able to crack the code over other larger PPC companies that charge more and deliver less. Wholesaling PPC has helped us get in front of motivated sellers better than any other PPC company we have worked with. I highly recommend them to any business owner.

Aaron Fragnito

People's Capital Group LLC

Big Shout out to Wholesaling PPC! Within the first few weeks of our PPC campaign getting set up, we landed a nice assignment deal. A week after that we landed another GREAT one! His team really knows what they are doing, and I'm excited about our partnership with them!

Deniz McDaniel

Memphis Offer

Very responsive and professional team. Easy to work with. Lead flow and quality is solid. Would recommend giving them a shot.

Jonathan Carcone

4 Brothers Buy Houses